matthias schumann

_1973 in Dresden, Germany

_lives in Dresden/Germany and Cam-


_freelens photographer/


_works for different newspapers and

  news agencies (getty images, dpa,

  ddp, epd)

_Photoexibition (group/solo) in Berlin,

  Leipzig, Dresden, Nürnberg

  (all Germany)

_Photografic work focused on Eastern


_Pripairing documtary about german-

  british paintress Milein Cosman

_Curating a series of exibitions in

  Panschwitz-Kuckau abbey, Lusatia

  focused on ‘Behinderte Kunst’

  (‘disabled art’)

_1996-2003 Masscommunications-

  and Mediascience, political science

  and psychology at Leipzig university

_1999-2000 study visit in Athens/Ohio/

  USA documentary for Ohio News-

  paper Association

wolfgang torkler

_freelance pianist and composer

_lives in Dresden/Germany

_1990-98 Piano and Composition

  incl. Masterclass at Hochschule für

  Musik ‘Carl Maria von Weber‘ in


_1997 foreign exchange scholarship

  at ‘Berklee College of Music‘ in

  Boston (USA)

_several collaborations and projects

  in the field of minimal music, latin

  music and jazz-house

_touring Germany, Denmark, Swiss

  and Italy

_4 solo-records

_founder and co producer of the latin-

  jazz band ‘tumba-ito‘ and ‘Duo